Canada Waits For Christmas – December 21st

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Here’s Rita MacNeil (1944-2013), from Big Pond on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, with her song “Christmas at Home” from the album by the same name.

The Advent calendar of Canadian art and culture’s featured artist for today is Saskatchewan artist Molly Clark. Currently, she works with graphite on cradled panel and these works are available through the Black Spruce Gallery in Waskesui, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan.

“Rime and Reason” by Molly Clark. Image from Molly’s website.
“Winter River” by Molly Clark. Image from Molly’s website.
Black Spruce Gallery, Waskesui, SK

These are amusing. I found them at Reader’s Digest Canada:

June 14, 2020: Fire crews in Maple Ridge are responding to a residence to assist a dog with its head stuck in a couch.

March 29, 2019: RCMP requested assistance from the Squamish fire department after they raised their Canadian flag upside down.

Jan. 23, 2018: Vancouver Police are responding to the area of Renfrew and Hastings for reports of a cougar in a tree. The reported animal was located and found to be a very large raccoon.

Here are some photos from my very snowy neighbourhood today. I took the car out of the garage to drive down to the post office and the garage door malfunctioned in quite a serious way. In fact, it came right off its rails. Strange. The temperature is only -35 degrees Celsius with an icy wind backing it.

Taken today: a snowy tree across the street. (The photo was taken, not the tree.)

Thank you for dropping by to spend some time with me on this freezing cold day. Take care. – Lori 🙂

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