Canada Waits For Christmas – December 20th

Let’s see what’s behind this door of the virtual Advent calendar of Canadian art and culture. First is a random photo of the Christmas planter that I created out of shock more than anything. “Shock at what?” you ask. I wanted to buy something cute and festive for the front step this season, so I looked around Canadian Tire’s seasonal section to see what I could find. I found one or two outdoor decorations, glanced at the first price tag, and fainted right there in the aisle.

Finally, I came to, mumbling barely coherently, “70 dollars? 70 dollars…?” It was then I vowed to become creative. We cut some pine boughs away from my uncle’s driveway and brought them home. We filled the planter with the boughs and decorated it with unused Christmas decorations and twigs cut from backyard bushes. Not bad, eh? (And not $70!)

Shari Ulrich came to British Columbia, Canada from California around 1970 and fell in love with this place, and not just because of our publicly funded healthcare system. My dad and both brothers are all married to Americans who came to live in Canada and they seem relatively happy. But Shari Ulrich loves it here. Back in the day, she backed Valdy and his Hometown Band.

“From the Salish Sea to Peggy’s Cove
I fell in love with your northern road
You are the songs and the seeds I sow
Oh Canada”

Back to Shore was released in 2019 by Borealis Records. This album cover image is from Shari Ulrich’s website. From start to finish, this is an incredible album worth checking out.

Carole Spandau is a Montréal, Québec artist who paints using oils, acrylics, and watercolours. She studied painting at the Montréal Museum of Fine arts and in 1970 she completed a bachelor of arts degree in Plastic Arts from the University of Québec à Montréal and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from McGill University. Carole Spandau studied Art History at Concordia University, and she taught high school Art and Art History for 15 years.

“Happy Little Snowman Under Falling Snow” by Carole Spandau.
“Montreal Street Scenes Verdun to the Plateau Staircase” by Carole Spandau.
“Sugar Shack” by Carole Spandau.

It’s -34 degrees Celsius and feels like -500. It’s a good day to be inside researching and writing this during these last few days before Christmas. Thanks for dropping by! – Lori 🙂

Fair warning. I’ve never been attacked by a goose but I have been cornered by a turkey. This is from Meanwhile In Canada on Facebook.

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