Sacred Simplicities

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In this award-winning book, I share my experience of the divine in the everyday, and hope to help see glimpses of God where we least expect them. These stories are written in a light, engaging tone, and are meant to interest contemporary readers and thinking people.

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Here is a book that will help you to recapture the mystery and experience the joy of wonder. Something to savour, to think about, to nourish the soul — excellent for personal reflection or sermon starters.
~ Garth Mundle, Former Principal, St. Stephen’s College, University of Alberta

Lori Knutson has a keen eye for the gifts of God that we overlook every day. Gradually, gently, she points us toward the joy and freedom of finding God for ourselves. ~ Muriel Duncan, Former Editor, The United Church Observer

This collection is a wonderful personal testimony to the mystery, wonder, and love of God. Lori reflects on daily occurrences with an eye for the hidden detail and marvel of life.
~ The Very Rev. Bill Phipps, Former Moderator, United Church of Canada

Lori Knutson’s ability to juxtapose the common everyday occurrences many of us have experienced with a component of faith and question is highly insightful.
~ Fred Rinne, Managing Editor, Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune