Where There’s a Will


“This is the best news ever!” exclaims thirteen-year-old Charly when she reads the letter left for her by the deceased Katherine O’Leary on the kitchen table of the house on Northumberland Strait. At the end of The Ghost of Northumberland Strait, the ghost had willed the house and all its contents to Charly – contents including the gold coins hidden there. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple.

There’s a lot against Charly and her quest for a home, but there’s also evidence that Katherine is still on her side and still involved in the lives of the living. It seems the long-dead Katherine O’Leary may still hold the key to Charly’s dreams coming true.

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My Literacy class discovered Lori Knutson’s novel, The Ghost of the Northumberland Strait this year!!  We were completely and absolutely engaged in Ms. Knutson’s book.  The students would predict happenings and demonstrate intrigue and curiosity throughout the entire story.  We were so engaged and we loved the book so much, we felt we needed to let Ms. Knutson know.  We wrote letters to Ms. Knutson and to our delight, she eloquently connected with each student through her responses in return.  I highly recommend this novel and the support material Ms. Knutson has created.

Jane Wilson, Montague Intermediate School, PEI
Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson
Me at an event following the release of Where There’s a Will.

Lori creates perfect characters for her young readers. Her stories have just the right amount of suspense and mystery mixed with age-appropriate humour. Where There’s a Will is a delightful sequel to the equally delightful The Ghost of Northumberland Strait. I would highly recommend these books for any library.

~Patricia Mackie, former Library Manager within Parkland Regional Library System

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