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There you are! I’m glad you found me here on my new site at WordPress. For those of you who don’t know me, it’s nice to meet you. For those of you who do know me and came back anyway, welcome back!

Here’s what a recent client said about my writing services:

“I saw a post by Lori Knutson offering to help people get started on recording their family history, and I thought what a great service. My parents have so many stories I wanted in writing and I thought with her help we could make it happen. Once I contacted Lori, she was so efficient. She contacted my parents to set up a time to meet with them and audio tape their stories. She had all the stories written up and ready to share within a week of me contacting her. I enjoyed reading through the stories and I’m glad to have them in print.”

~ Joyce Sortland

I’ve written five books. Two of them are young adult novels set on Prince Edward Island. There are printable teacher resources for each of them available through this site. I also offer virtual classroom visits conducted on your interactive whiteboard right in your classroom. They’re fun and engaging – like me!

Listening to Lori

Listening to Lori is my audio podcast and you’ll find my blog here, too. I’ve embedded audio for each post so you have the choice to read or listen or both. It’s up to you.

Need an editor? I know a good one. Check out my editing and writing services. I’d be happy to help you create the best project you can.



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Low Introductory Price: $65/hour

This special introductory offer is available to my first 3 clients (first come, first served) and for your first editing project. Try me out. I think you’ll like me.



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Low Introductory Rate: $65/hour

This special introductory offer is available to my next client (first come, first served) and for your first writing project. This is an excellent time to try out my writing services.


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Let me make your stories look great.

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