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In personal anecdotes written over the last decade, I share my observations of the world. Inspired by both rural and city living, by joyful and painful events, by rainy and sunshiny weather, these stories remind us to slow down and notice the lives we live. The miracles we yearn to experience are here, in the moments that we savour. This book offers a larger perspective on the smaller things in life.

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I admired Lori Knutson’s writing long before I ever met her. Imagine my surprise when, a few years ago, I found her in my new congregation at a small rural church in east central Alberta! Her delightful ruminations are indeed sacred, and simple in the very best meaning of the word. Lori gently nudges the reader to find the sacred in small, everyday events that sometimes delight and often challenge. I would recommend this book for daily reading, or for those times when you are asked to “give a short devotion”. Or, like me, you could devour it all in one sitting, and then keep it nearby for future use.

Valerie Ellis, Designated Lay Minister

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