The Ghost of Northumberland Strait

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For Grades 5-8; $8.00 CAD when purchased through me.

The last thing thirteen-year-old Charly Pederson expects to do is meet a ghost when she, her mother and sister Nikki move to P.E.I. to live with Grammie after her parents’ divorce. Charly knows something is up with that old, abandoned house on Northumberland Strait the day that four of them break in and snoop around. While the other kids are satisfied to stay out of the spooky house after that, Charly feels drawn back to the place and knows she has to return alone. She does return and is swept into a time-traveling adventure during which she makes the most unlikely friend – a woman who’s been dead since long before Charly was born.

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What Quill & Quire said about The Ghost of Northumberland Strait:

Charly is a fully realized 13-year-old, and Grammie is especially vividly drawn.  Katherine is also well realized, and the way she interacts with Charly…provides an unusual twist on ghost story conventions.  Many readers will love this poignant, hopeful novel.

~ Quill & Quire, March 2008

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There’s a novel study available for The Ghost of Northumberland Strait for $7.00 CAD. Click here to print out reading comprehension questions, responsive writing prompts and a vocabulary word search for Chapter One. Try them out and see how you like them. Want the novel study? Contact me through the form below and I’ll make it happen.


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Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey

I used The Ghost of Northumberland Strait as a read-aloud at the beginning of the year.  I found several advantages to this book.  First, not only was it a local author, but a teacher in our own division!  This engaged my Grade 5 students right off the bat.  Also, being set in the Maritimes, it made for a wonderful cross-curricular reference for the Social Studies 5 program.  Using Lori’s book as an exemplar for trait-based writing helped my students make connections to their reading and writing.

My favorite aspects of the novel study materials were twofold.  First, they were based upon sound and current assessment for learning practices in our division.  Secondly, they took into account differentiation in the classroom by hitting both higher and lower level thinking.

The Ghost of Northumberland Strait will become my “go to” book for quite some time.

~ Brian Harvey, Grade 5 Teacher/ Curriculum Coach, Vermilion Elementary School, Alberta

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