Four Life Hacks from an Unlikely Life-hacker

  Marie Kondo would be proud! After watching some of Ms. Kondo’s Netflix episodes, we trekked off to the Dollar Store and bought all shapes and sizes of containers for organizing the stuff in our lives. This was great but I went at the organizing task with so much enthusiasm that soon I’d run out […]

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Renewed Perspectives

For the first time in about three years, I got a new pair of glasses. I was astounded at how the world looked when the clerk polished the lenses and sat that plastic frame on the bridge of my nose. Everything was suddenly so bright and so crisp! I didn’t realize how outdated my old […]

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Room to Grow

There was barely room for me in the car! I had garbage bags stuffed with bottles and cans in the trunk and rattling away on the passenger side floor and seat. Behind the driver’s seat tilted an old amplifier. A huge comforter, bed skirt, and bags of clothes, shoes, and purses filled up the rest […]

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