A June Morning Walk

Hello! I took a walk this morning and here are some photos and videos of what I saw and heard. Following the last couple of days of rainfall, the countryside looks lush and green. The plants in my garden are growing enthusiastically and so are the weeds! Enjoy the evening ahead. – Lori

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Hummingbirds, Flowers, and History: A Photo Blog of My Recent Trip

Photography is such a great creative outlet! I swear I pay more attention to my surroundings when I’m looking for photograph subjects. Any other camera-clickers feel this way? Also, I love editing my photos and sharing them here. It’s a nice change from writing (which I do for work). Don’t get me wrong; I love […]

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Roses – A Photo Blog

When I took some rose photos this morning, I realized just how many rose photos I have! I thought they’d make a cheerful photo blog. Roses are another beautiful reminder of the brevity of all life and of the importance of living in the moment. I tried to remember that today as I am feeling […]

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