Goodbye, Summer – A Photo Blog

Hello! Thanks for joining me. I went out for a walk this morning with my camera and played around with its settings until I was able to capture some close-ups and distant shots of summer’s waning.

Shades of Red



Off in the Distance

IMG_7154 (2)IMG_7182 (3)IMG_7183 (2)

Light and White



About to Take Flight

IMG_7135 (3)

Stopping by Woods



Weeds or Flowers?



Mystery Solved!

For years now, I wondered each fall who was making that chirping sound outside under my bedroom window. It’s these black beetles preparing to hibernate. Who know? Not me until this morning when I heard the chirping and followed it down into the ditch. Here’s what I heard and saw:



It was nice to spend some time with you! Thanks for dropping by.

~ Lori

Autumn Views

September snow on the mountain ash tree.

Recently when I posted a photo of our early-September snowfall, friends on social media asked me, “What happened to fall, Lori?”

Sometimes we get fall here in my neck of the woods and sometimes we don’t. It sure feels like it’s gonna be an early winter this year, so fall will be brief. Here is a collection of photographs to show you and to remind me that we have experienced autumn here in this parkland region of east-central Alberta. When we do, fall doesn’t stay for long, but it’s always beautiful!

So you see, fall can and does occasionally happen. Just maybe not this year…

If you do live in my neck of the woods, I’ll be at the Provost Pumpkin Festival this Friday, October 5th, selling my books and telling people about the writing services I offer. The market runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and it’s held in the Agriplex. See you there!