Listening to Lori

Here’s something most Americans probably don’t know about us Canadians, not that there’re any Americans listening this: We Canadians love buying alcohol from your drugstores and grocery stores. It’s both thrilling and convenient. It feels a bit forbidden because in Canada, it is.


Listening to Lori – Episode 1 – Another One Like the Other Ones

Listening to Lori


Over the years, I’ve found that expressing my opinion loudly is the best way to convince others of my point of view. It feels great to scream out what I believe into the faces of those who previously held a contrary belief. It’s delightful to see their faces light up with understanding as I bellow my truth.

Listening to Lori – Episode 2 – My Opinion of Opinions

Listening to Lori


I often tell the story of being 10 years old in August of 1977. I was in the sprawling backseat of my parents’ Chrysler when the news came on the radio, “The King is dead! Long live the King!” Elvis Presley had died at 42. In the front seat, Mom cried like I cry for Tom Petty.


Listening to Lori – Episode 3 – Tom Petty and the Heartbroken

Listening to Lori


From the perspective of the stars, my problems are tiny and short-lived; my life, a breath; my existence, neither here nor there, but just maybe, in a way, everywhere.



Listening to Lori – Episode 4 – The Stars and the Moon to Gain

Listening to Lori


But how do we greet change? It’s a pretty tall order to look change in the eye and open the door, inviting it right into our lives. When change knocks, our most natural instinct is to bar the door and draw the blinds. Nobody’s home, change. Come back later.


Listening to Lori – Episode 5 – Everything Changes

Listening to Lori The Great Escape Room


Going into the game, I had only briefly met some of my team members. I didn’t know most of them very well at all. Upon coming out of the game, though, they were my buddies, the ones I could count on. This group of detectives had my back and I knew it.

Listening to Lori – Episode 6 – The Great Escape Room

Listening to Lori


There’s so much we can’t choose, so many decisions we’re not allowed to make. The chance to make decisions is a golden opportunity in a universe that decides much for us, from our place of birth to our genetic code. These are huge factors in determining how life will go, and we have no control over either of them.

Listening to Lori – Episode 7 – Decisions, Decisions

Listening to Lori


I had a great aunt who worked hard all her life at a mundane job that she disliked. She kept working and promised herself that when she retired, she’d finally travel and enjoy life. I loved and admired this woman. When she became ill and died before she got to travel, I paid attention.


Listening to Lori – Episode 8 – Don’t Come To My Funeral

Listening to Lori



It was the kind of relationship I’d never had before and not had since because, usually, I’m not bat-crap crazy.



Listening to Lori – Episode 9 – Never Again

Listening to Lori


I’m relaxed and I’m happy. It’s hard to know if I’m content because I’m sending cards and baking, or if I’m sending cards and baking because I’m happy. Perhaps it’s the eggnog. Who knows? It doesn’t matter why.



Listening to Lori – Episode 10 – Nothing Better

Listening to Lori


This house isn’t large. It’s only about 900 hundred square feet, but in those days, you could cram a lot of overnight and supper guests into it. We weren’t as worried about impressing, but instead the emphasis was on being together all in one place and under one roof, this roof.


Listening to Lori – Episode 11 – The Gift of Home

Listening to Lori


The birds were looking at each other with an intense expression that I mistook for mutual admiration. Then, quick as feathered lightning, the sparrows lunged at each other and, horrified, I realized that I was watching a territorial seed dispute.



Listening to Lori – Episode 12 – Squabbling Over a Seed