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I helped a client edit and publish her first book. Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Lori,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making my long-held dream come true.

When I first came to you, I had a vision in my mind.  I wanted to create a little book.   I knew what I wanted it to say, how I wanted the pages to feel and how I wanted to images to look.   I knew how I wanted people to be able to hold it and open it and use it.   I knew what I wanted but I had no idea how to make it happen.

The first gift you gave me on this project was acceptance.   You supported me emotionally as I took the leap to present my idea to the world.   You gave me confidence and encouraged me.   Thank you.

The second gift you gave me was peace of mind.   I was intimidated by my lack of knowledge.   I didn’t even know where to start.   You took over and handled all the details.   You managed the editing, the formatting and the printing.   You even helped steer me in the right direction about the binding.   You worked out details of things that I wouldn’t have even known to ask about.   You completely took the stress away for me.   Thank you.

The third gift was the book itself.   When I held the copy in my hands for the first time, I cried.   It was everything I imagined.   You have no idea what you have done for me.   Without you, this book would still just be a dream.   Thank you.

I look forward to your guidance in the future as we make electronic and audio versions available.

With deepest appreciation,

Wendy Olson-Lepchuk

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Wendy Olson-Lepchuk, Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist

I charge by the project. If you’re interested, please contact me via this website. Then you can send me a sample of your work upon which I’ll base my estimate.

Personal Editing Services:

Do you have a personal project you’re working on? Maybe you’ve written some poetry or short fiction you’d like to publish. I can edit and proofread your work before it’s printed. That way, your project will come out looking polished and professional.

Let me help you create your best project.

I’m seeking clients who need an editor and writer with a broad range of skills. My aim is to build a base of clients who chose me because I work efficiently, accurately, and professionally. To work together, we need to share the same goals, and a mutual respect for one another and the projects we’re tackling.

Here’s what one publisher has to say about my work:

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Faith Farthing

What can this author not write? Whether Ms. Knutson is writing non-fiction about sacred simplicities or fiction about torrid complexities—as is the case of this latest gem of a novel—her subjects are raw, her characters authentic, and her ideas always provocative. I’ll read everything she publishes and always invite her to coach my own authors and clients.

~Faith Farthing, Publisher, Roadie Books

Need an editor? I can help.