Low Introductory Price: $65/hour

This special introductory offer is available to my first 3 clients (first come, first served) and for your first editing project with me. Try out my editing services. I think you’ll like what I have to offer.


Let me help you make your project the best it can be.

I’m seeking clients who need an editor and writer with a broad range of skills. My aim is to build a small base of clients who work with me because I work efficiently, accurately, and professionally. To work together, we need to share the same goals, and a mutual respect for one another and the projects we’re tackling.

Need a project edited or something written or revised? I’ll do a ten-page sample edit or a three to five-page write for $95 (CAD). Then we can decide if we suit one another. Interested? Contact me using the form below:



Here’s what one publisher has to say about me:

Faith Farthing photo

Faith Farthing

What can this author not write? Whether Ms. Knutson is writing non-fiction about sacred simplicities or fiction about torrid complexities—as is the case of this latest gem of a novel—her subjects are raw, her characters authentic, and her ideas always provocative. I’ll read everything she publishes and always invite her to coach my own authors and clients.

~Faith Farthing, Publisher, Roadie Books


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