Frost: A Boxing Day Photo Blog

I posted this for the first time in December of 2019. Pearson School is long gone now and it’s interesting to look back at what has changed and what remains the same. This older post makes me want to don my snowshoes and go exploring! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day. ❄☃️❄

The other day I took my camera out and photographed the old Pearson School (1920-1946) while family was visiting. We were taking them on a tour of some of the landmarks. Our guests seemed a bit underwhelmed by what passes for site seeing around here, but I really enjoyed it!

It wasn’t as frosty today, Boxing Day, but the sky was a vibrant blue and the whole wintry world just shone.

And here are a couple pictures of me in the frost feeling a bit frosty.

Thanks for joining me on this snowy adventure. I hope you’re having a very nice holiday season wherever you may be, mountains or desert, sand or snow. Take care and enjoy! ~ Lori 😊

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