Canada Waits For Christmas – December 23rd

Hello and welcome to “Tibb’s Eve.” That’s what they call the day before Christmas Eve in Newfoundland. I just discovered this today when I asked Newfoundland painter Reilly Fitzgerald if I could showcase some of his bold and bright paintings of winter on Canada’s East Coast.

CBC ran a great article today about Tibb’s Eve that included this info: “Folklorist Philip Hiscock says the name of Tibb’s Eve originates from an old English saying, ‘Not until Tibb’s Eve’ — which was a way to tell someone that something wasn’t going to happen.”

Four hundred years ago, a parent might say to a child who is asking when something was going to happen or when they were going to get something ‘Oh, you’ll get that on Tibb’s Eve,’ and the parent would know that meant never, you’re not getting it.

dr. Philip HisCock, folklorist

I love this colourful artwork! Santa, if you’re still watching and listening, I would like some privacy… and one of these paintings! Thanks, you jolly old elf. 🙂

“Winter Sunset” was painted in 2014 by Reilly Fitzgerald.
“December Foliage” (2019) by Reilly Fitzgerald.
“Moonlit Visitors” (2014) by Reilly Fitzgerald.
“Polar Bears” (2021) by Reilly Fitzgerald.

Enjoy Reilly’s work as much as I do? Follow him on Twitter @reillysart and visit his shop online.

Great Big Sea sings “Old Black Rum” about a party on George Street in St. John’s, like one that might happen this Tibb’s Eve.

“Well the queen of George Street just went walkin’ on by
Walkin’ on by with some guy who don’t care
That she stood in line since half past nine
And spent three hours on her hair”

George Street, St. John’s decorated for Tibb’s Eve. Photo from Mike Wheeler, CBC.

Here’s a book I received a few years ago as a gift. I really enjoyed Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens.

Cover image from Rakuten Kobo.

Thanks as always for dropping by to spend some time with me. Happy Tibb’s Eve! – Lori 🙂

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