Canada Waits For Christmas – December 18th

Hi there! It’s been a couple of days. I got caught up in some activities, mainly cooking and eating, which kept me away from the Advent calendar of Canadian art and culture. Nice to be here again.

Besides cooking and eating, I made a useful discovery. Last year, when I attempted to skate, I discovered that my skate blades were very dull. I meant to get them sharpened after slipping and sliding treacherously around and wondered where I could go to get my skate blades sharpened. But then spring arrived and thoughts of skating left my mind.

On Friday, I saw that our neighbour is once again creating an outdoor skating rink. “Yay!” I thought. But that’s when I panicked about my dull skate blades. I began contacting people, asking if I could get my skates sharpened at the arena here in the village. No one was certain, but someone told me that the arena caretaker would be there on Saturday morning when I could head on over and make an inquiry.

Saturday morning came and found me in the hockey rink waiting for the caretaker to get off his Zamboni so I could ask him if he could sharpen my skates. And after the ice was nice and smooth and he’d put the machine away, he confirmed that yes, indeed, he does sharpen skates. Now when the outdoor rink is complete in a week or so, I’ll be ready to enjoy skating.

Here’s Anne Murray with “Snowbird,” something I’d like to be sometimes. 🙂

“The breeze along the river seems to say

That he’ll only break my heart again should I decide to stay”

Here’s a photo of the snow in our backyard from this afternoon before the sunlight left the sky at 4:09. These are the shortest days of winter!

Take care and thanks for dropping by! – Lori

Image from Meanwhile In Canada. You can visit them on Facebook.

3 Comments on “Canada Waits For Christmas – December 18th”

  1. That snow photo is so beautiful! We’ve had a light but long-lasting dusting of it here in London, which has just given way to rain. It was lovely whilst it lasted!

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