Canada Waits For Christmas – December 5th

I can’t believe it’s snowing again today. In the backyard, there are already snow heaps that are three feet tall. Where are we going to put all this snow that keeps falling? On the upside, the temperature is up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Behind today’s Canadian-culture Advent calendar door is a tremendous rendition of Neil Young’s song “Helpless” performed by k.d. lang. True fact: Back in the day, k.d. lang’s grandparents owned a drugstore here in Hughenden.

“There is a town in north Ontario
With dream comfort memory to spare
And in my mind I still need a place to go
All my changes were there”

In “Helpless,” Neil Young writes “There’s a town in north Ontario.” That town is Omemee. Where the heck is that? you ask.

“After the Storm” is an oil painting by Montreal-born Clarence Gagnon (1881-1942). I love it!

And the last treat in the Advent calendar today is a sweet moose kiss brought to you by Meanwhile In Canada. You can visit them on Facebook.

If you now know more about k.d. lang, Neil Young, and moose kisses, I’ve done my job. Thanks for dropping by! – Lori 🙂

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