A Beer Can Story, Calf and Ditch Weed Photos

I went for a walk this morning in the countryside. Getting outside is a good way for me to get out of my head and into the fresh air. I decided at the last minute to take my camera down from its hook beside the backdoor and take some photos along the way. At 15 degrees Celsius, it was a beautiful temperature for some outdoor activity. Later on today, the weather promises to be scorching hot again.

Spider Surprise

The last time I was out for a walk, I picked a fresh-looking beer can out of the ditch on my way back into the village. As I carried the can and strolled along, I thought I detected ever-so-small movements within the can. I glanced down to my left hand just as a HUGE daddy longlegs spider emerged from the hole, stepping his legs out one at a time to rest on the can’s top at the same time as he lifted his plump body out. I stepped into the ditch, turned the can over, and gently moved its top (to which the big spider clung) through the tall grass. The spider disembarked without argument and I continued on my merry way with the beer can still in hand. After all, ten cents is ten cents, and litter in our ditches is not cool.

Calves Along the Way

Here are some calves from my walk with different filters applied. My favourite image is the larger black and white photo. Do you have a favourite?

Too Pretty To Be Called “Weeds”

Harvest Scenes

Enjoy the Labour Day weekend, wherever you may be. – Lori

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