Plain Little Church in the Valley

Now here’s a gem I discovered a couple years ago where two secondary highways intersect surrounded by fields of grain and oilseed crops and under a cobalt-blue sky as its been since 1911. This is the Holy Trinity Church at Golden Valley. Our little church here in Hughenden, dedicated just three years later, is also called Holy Trinity, so I assume this church is also of Anglican origin.

Just the other day, though, we finally stopped to snoop around at the church’s exterior and interior and, of course, its cemetery.

The front of the little church at Golden Valley on a hot August afternoon.
This is the beautiful gate I found only after making my way clumsily through the wide, heavy drive-through gate.

There is no describing [the prairies]…They inspire feelings to unique, so distinct from anything else, so powerful, yet vague and indefinite, as to defy description, while they invite the attempt.

John C. Van Tramp, Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures (1860)
Golden Valley Cemetery

Loneliness, thy other name, thy one true synonym, is prairie.

William A. Quayle, The Prairie and the Sea (1905)
This gate is a work of art!

Come To Church

Come to the church,
To the little white church;
Good sermons you’ll hear,
And God will seem near
As you praise Him and pray
In an old fashioned way
In the plain little church in the valley.

Poet: Guy Hootman (1st verse only)

Upon walking around to the rear of the church building, I was happy to find the door latched but unlocked. I took these pictures with my phone and I’m pleased with the light that it provided because the building’s windows are boarded and it was really dark inside.

And this is me, happiest when I’m wandering around seeing new things and visiting new places, even close to home! Take care and enjoy the rest of your week. – Lori

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