Afternoon Rain, Thunder, and Hail

Yesterday was a deck day spent relaxing on the screened-in deck and visiting a friend. Then, about mid-afternoon, the rain started to pour over the garden.

Come, be my love in the wet woods; come, where the boughs rain when it blows.

Robert Frost

The rain poured down the garage roof’s southern side and ran over its eaves. Until the downpour, the hummingbirds had been feasting at the feeder pictured here. It seems there are a few new, tiny hummingbirds at the feeder in recent days. I suspect that deep in the lilac tree, there is a tiny nest.

Thunder rumbled over the garden as the rain came down.

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.

Emily Logan Decens

The hail started to come down and I took these videos from inside the deck and through the open door. Everyone dreads hail and while these hail stones were fairly large, they were also pretty soft – thank goodness!

I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.

Pablo Neruda

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your week and if you’re fortunate enough to have it fall this summer, enjoy the rain. – Lori

4 Comments on “Afternoon Rain, Thunder, and Hail”

  1. Hi Lori….

    I love your posts and pictures/videos even though I don’t always respond. You garden looks beautiful and lush.

    Hope you and Doug are both doing well. You must be planning your next adventure to Mexico and I might be just a little bit envious, but time seems to fly by even without plans.

    Take good care…hi to Doug…


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