A June Morning Walk

Hello! I took a walk this morning and here are some photos and videos of what I saw and heard. Following the last couple of days of rainfall, the countryside looks lush and green. The plants in my garden are growing enthusiastically and so are the weeds! Enjoy the evening ahead. – Lori

There’s a nice red-wing blackbird call in this video. I’m standing right by a slough surrounded by foliage.
This is a tree swallow. She nests in tree hollows and in birdhouses. I like her because she eats flying insects.

My view from the top of the hill across the green land looking east.
These lush landscapes were brought to you today by this stormy day yesterday.

5 Comments on “A June Morning Walk”

  1. Hi Lori! How are you & Doug doing? Are you enjoying retirement? I can honestly say I’m glad I made the choice to retire when I did! I’m glad I didn’t have to go to work wearing a mask and dealing with all the rest of the pandemic restrictions! It’s been nice being back ‘home’ on the farm. I’m relieved that it rained finally! We still aren’t sure if we will get feed for the winter or if we will have to sell the cattle but at least we should have enough grass for this summer and then we can decide! I really enjoy your newsletter! You always have something interesting to read and enjoy! Hope you guys are doing well! Say ‘hi’ to Doug! Hope he’s enjoying his freedom! 😜


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  2. Hi Lori,

    Nice to see your springy summery post. Very nice!

    I tried to LIKE it but didn’t get that figured out. Oh well, one of these days!😊

    Take care,


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  3. I hear you about the weeds. Ay carumba! We returned from London on June 1 discover our incredibly lush garden, thanks to near-tropical temps in our absence, AND our incredibly lush WEEDS. I’m still digging through the jungle.

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