Tuesday Morning Hike – Mostly a Photo Blog

I had to visit the health centre in Hardisty anyway and near there, the Hardisty hiking trails begin, so that was a good excuse to bring along my water and hat and take a walk in the glorious spring sunshine.

There’s another set of trails that start on the other side of town, too, near the rodeo grounds and golf course. I hiked those trails last year and saw a blue heron during one outing near the golf course. He’d hit a sandtrap on the 3rd hole. No, he didn’t! The giant bird took flight from his perch in a slough as my husband and I walked by on the trail.

This is the neatly mowed trail I headed out on first, walking southeast toward the Battle River. Lots of bees out pollinating!

I do not (ever until this day) take selfies with my phone, but I was hiking alone, so here they are. Not great photography, but they hold some entertainment value, I think. I clearly have no idea where to look. Still don’t. Maybe I should figure this out.

And here are some trail images. As far as I know, the creation of these hiking trails is a volunteer effort. Notice how well-groomed these are. Walking on these smooth, mowed pathways is a delight! Perfectly suited to the level of hiking I enjoy.

When I reached the edge of the Battle River, I saw it was flowing along quite nicely. This is not a wide or raging river, but it was quite a challenge to the early settlers in this area who needed to cross it. Now I zoom across the bridge in my little car without a second thought. What a difference a century makes.

Here’s the short video I took of the flowing Battle River. At the end, a redwing blackbird calls out. Very nice!

I hope you all enjoy this final weekend in May, a beautiful month to be outside. Take care. – Lori

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