And So It Begins

Our first major storm of the season arrived last night and has continued merrily through the day. Now at around 4:00 p.m., it’s still blowing strong. It’s true. A lot of folks do think that the first winter storm blows. I used to, as well, but these days I work from home and enjoy (mostly) what each day holds in store for me. Life is slower now and its pace would drive some people crazy. But each to our own. I am content and cozy as winter settles in all around my still life.

Winter is a time for more writing, for jigsaw puzzles, and for homemade soup. This season is for walks in the crunchy snow and for feeding the birds. Winter is a time for nighttime sleeps that resemble hibernation, long winter naps. It’s easier to accept winter when there is nowhere else you have to be.

The wet snow stuck to the living room window overnight, forced there by the driving wind.
Winter outside my office window, blowing across the garage roof and bending branches in the distance.

I hope you’re safe and well in your corner of the world. Thanks for stopping by today and take care. – Lori

2 Comments on “And So It Begins”

  1. I noticed the snow stuck to my windows as well! I too am hibernating, but it is kind of lonely when you have no one to share the house with. Keep warm and cozy Val

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