Drums in the Woods – A Photo Blog

It’s cold and dreary here tonight — a perfect time to edit the photos I took a week ago when the weather was not cold and dreary. That day, I had planned to walk north of town, but a work crew had just sprayed a sealer on the roadway. It smelled terrible and was really slippery!

And so I headed off the road I usually walk and walked instead out through pastures and village streets. In an alleyway, I stopped to visit with a neighbour enjoying her morning coffee in her backyard. I surprised her. I don’t think she expected to see me skulking through her alley with my camera in hand like some poorly-informed paparazza. It was nice to see some different sights and talk to someone I hadn’t seen in a long while.

This adventure made me stop and consider that I really need to get out more. Take care and enjoy the scenery. – Lori

Rocker series drum kit by Ludwig in the woods.
Redcliff Pressed Brick Company made bricks starting in 1912 in Redcliff, Alberta.
Not cold and dreary.
The rear wall of the old Ford garage built in 1946.
As far as I can tell, this Fargo pick-up is from 1948.

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      • Hi Lori, I love pictures especially nature ones. I have lots of pictures of the wild rugged rocky mountains lol I have a number of other pictures as well. I have a few oil paintings in my gallery lol Thanks again for the message. I like to hear back from you as well. God bless you and your family.

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