Can You Relate?

A few days ago, I got out the squeegee and washed the windows. This is always a clear invitation to the birds to fly into the glass panes and die. Slowly or quickly, they love to die by flying into the clean windows. Yesterday, a large female robin decided to take the slow-death route. She crashed into the window and apparently broke her wing. She was in bad shape.

Listen to me read this post:

I sobbed like a child at her demise. That terrible helpless feeling settling in as the local magpies opportunistically gathered in the branches above where she sat still, unable to even move, wide eyed with terror. My heart physically ached. We let nature take her cruel course and in the morning, a scattered array of grey feathers told us how the robin’s story ended. I’ve felt horrible about that robin ever since.

These days, the world’s sorrows feel as close as my own. I watch the news and feel helpless, angry, and afraid. If all of us who feel this way boarded a cruise ship, it would soon begin to sink from the weight of our bodies and the weight of our collective despair. But the ship won’t have the chance to sink. Within moments of being all together, we’d each quickly disembark because someone expressed a point of view counter to our own. That ship would bob right back up and sail away with the three people left on the planet who still get along without completely agreeing.

I’ve never seen the world as divided as it is now. We suffer as our relationships crumble. We feel alone, isolated, and separate while the creators and exploiters of hate machines profit from the great divide they greedily encourage.

The world’s gone a long way down this track. I don’t see a way back. On a smaller, personal level, I know I’d benefit from fewer news stories and more board games with friends. The slow comfort of a paper book in my hand compared with the jumpy frantic-ness of my tablet would be a welcome change. Turning inward I know I can generate a kind of peace, and in walking out in the sunshine and in the shadowy woods. For moments when I really try, I can believe that in the eternal rotation of the earth, the forever succession of days, it will all be inevitably okay. But probably not during what’s left of my lifetime.

On a lighter note:

All masked up with nowhere to go.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care and have a good weekend. – Lori

3 Comments on “Can You Relate?”

  1. Oh I can relate on multiple levels. A few years ago we replaced our front window as the old one was clouded with moisture between the panes. Around three weeks ago I noticed the window wasn’t very clear anymore. It just needed a good cleaning inside and out. Shortly after that I decided to have a nap on the couch by the window. The sunshine the pours through the window is intoxicating. First I heard some large bugs hitting the window. After a while I heard a bird hit it so hard I thought it would break. I saw the bird flying back to the nearby tree. It would be sore for a while but seemed okay. At a deeper level I certainly agree about the major developments in the world. People are getting upset about things that are not really that important. It’s become a society of us and them. I don’t know when it started but I blame social media, certain politicians, and maybe even Russia or China. After all, why fight a messy and expensive war when you can just get some techy computer science graduates to sow conspiracy theories. It’s cheap and they can sit back and watch as we implode. Perhaps that’s why I have taken an interest in local history. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring much comfort as I read about people having to send their sons off to fight wars far away. Then around 20 years later they had to do it again. Maybe we’ve always been this way but just didn’t realize it? I don’t think so. I used to really enjoy watching elections on TV but not lately. Basically whether it’s federal, provincial or civic, the candidates all seem flawed. There’s no positive outcome (well maybe the 2020 American election was an exception as Trump was thrown out). Will things get better? I doubt it, at least not until they get worse first. How to cope? If you notice the birds that crash into your window and can feel for the poor bird while still accepting that nature must do what nature has always done even though it’s not always pretty, you’re already coping just fine. Maybe that’s the solution. Just keep setting a good example and eventually others will follow, even though you can’t really know that. Be a light that shines in the darkness, and occasionally skip watching or reading the news. Oh an keep those windows clean, even if they are a hazard to the birds.

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