Goodbye, Summer – A Photo Blog

I went out for a walk this morning with my camera and played around with its settings until I was able to capture some close-ups and distant shots of summer’s waning.

Shades of Red

Off in the Distance

IMG_7154 (2)
IMG_7182 (3)
IMG_7183 (2)

Light and White

About to Take Flight

IMG_7135 (3)

Stopping by Woods

Weeds or Flowers?

Mystery Solved!

For years now, I wondered each fall who was making that chirping sound outside under my bedroom window. It’s these black beetles preparing to hibernate. Who know? Not me until this morning when I heard the chirping and followed it down into the ditch. Here’s what I heard and saw:

It was nice to spend some time with you! Thanks for dropping by.

~ Lori

2 Comments on “Goodbye, Summer – A Photo Blog”

  1. Gorgeous autumn colours! Here in London we are some way behind and they have only just started coming out. In many ways this is good as we know we still have it all ahead of us …


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