Hummingbirds, Flowers, and History: A Photo Blog of My Recent Trip

Photography is such a great creative outlet! I swear I pay more attention to my surroundings when I’m looking for photograph subjects. Any other camera-clickers feel this way? Also, I love editing my photos and sharing them here. It’s a nice change from writing (which I do for work). Don’t get me wrong; I love writing! But photography is a really fun hobby.

Last week, we went to visit my Dad. Along the way we saw hummingbirds and flowers, visited a winery and the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. Here’s a visual record of those adventures.

Last week, I spent a lot of time sitting on Dad’s deck looking at the mountains and watching the birds, including this little fellow.

Whenever I visit southern BC in the summer, I can’t help but feel a little jealous of the variety of flowers in my dad’s yard.

We enjoyed a glass of wine on the sun-drenched patio in the shade of a maple tree at the Skimmerhorn winery.

There’s lots to see in the Crowsnest Pass. The mining history there is very interesting and tragic in many cases. Here’s some of what we saw at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre back on the Alberta side of the border.

This is the slope of Turtle Mountain down which the boulders from the peak that broke lose from the mountain slid. At its base is a green area. That’s where (I believe) Gold Creek used to run. And beyond that, just behind the trees and to the left, is the pile of rocks. The rock slide lasted 90 seconds. The huge rocks filling and flooding Gold Creek started a mudslide that buried several miners’ dwellings. One of the last shacks it struck was simply pushed off its foundation. The structure remained intact and so did the family inside. Others weren’t as lucky.
Under these massive chunks of limestone, an estimated 70-90 people are buried. Visitors to this site are quiet, solemn. The place and its history command respect like the mountain itself did in April of 1903.
The trail outside the interpretive centre looking towards the landslide slope.
Delicate wildflowers from along the trail.

Thanks for visiting today! Have a really nice week. – Lori

8 Comments on “Hummingbirds, Flowers, and History: A Photo Blog of My Recent Trip”

  1. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for this (When did your hair get so long8-), makes you look so young!)

    Your dad has a beautiful yard. Love all the flowers and sweet hummers.

    My grandson lives at Hillcrest now and works at the Home Hardware in Blairmore. Sure would be nice to have a visit with him while he is still there. He’s pretty young so I’m sure he’ll move on.

    See you and thanks for the reminder of the interesting Crowsnest history.


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    • Yes, my hair has gotten long! It’s a fun change. Dad does have a nice yard and a way longer growing season than ours. Take care and have a pleasant, cooler evening. – Lori 😊


    • Hi Glen! Yes, it’s an area rich in history. And it’s beautiful to boot! Take care and thanks for commenting. – Lori Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Lori KnutsonSent: July 12, 2021 9:03 AMTo: loricknutson@gmail.comSubject: [Lori Knutson] Comment: "Hummingbirds, Flowers, and History: A Photo Blog of My Recent Trip" 

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    • Hi Val! Yes, it is yet to come. Last trip and the next, we’re headed in the wrong direction. But at the beginning of August it looks like we’ll head in your direction. How does that sound? Take care! – Lori Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Lori KnutsonSent: July 13, 2021 12:01 PMTo: loricknutson@gmail.comSubject: [Lori Knutson] Comment: "Hummingbirds, Flowers, and History: A Photo Blog of My Recent Trip" 

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      • The beginning of August sounds great. Let me know the day (or days) when it gets closer so I can be sure to be home. Val

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Frank Slide made such an impact me as a kid. I used to imagine entire homes under those rocks, it is somber. It is an awesome site of nature’s power.

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