Flowers in the Ditch, Clouds in the Sky


Me at Hotel Posada de Roger in Puerto Vallarta, relaxed and happy as described.

This summer I’m relaxed and happy, and there’s beauty all around.  Sure, there’s some clutter in my mind and a few things weighing me down, but all in all, I’m lighter and freer than I’ve been for years. I’ll take it!

Last evening, I was out walking and tried some new settings out on my camera. The brown-eyed Susans are finally out. They seem to be blooming late this year. Everything has seemed slow to grow this season. Our garden is really slow, too. I didn’t plant much and I didn’t put in many flowers because I knew that we’d be building this screened-in deck. As a result, there’s a lot of traffic in our backyard and so it’s not the year for flowers or ornaments. It’s a year for hammers and saws.

While I was out walking, the prairie sky was gorgeous, clear except for light swirling clouds. I used my different camera settings to capture it, as well.


Today we got a few really good rain showers. I love the rain! I watched them from our nearly-complete deck. The builders are waiting for a few more materials to come in before they can continue. It’s hard to be patient and good practice! Patience is a trait I can always work on.

Hey, music fans, today we watched an interesting and unvarnished bio-pic about James BrownMr. Dynamite is available on Netflix.

I hope you’re all having a nice summer weekend! Take care and enjoy.


~ Lori

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3 Comments on “Flowers in the Ditch, Clouds in the Sky”

  1. Though much in the world seems to be going to hell, it’s impossible to be sad in summer, a season that reminds us of everything beautiful on the planet we must protect. Glad you’re having a good, relaxed one. And you always get points for including a Douglas Adams quote.

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    • I always appreciate the time you take to read my posts and then comment so thoughtfully. Yes, the world is in a bit of a state, all right. I hope you’re having a good relaxing and/or productive summer – however you like it best! Take care. 😀

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