Jack Taylor and Rocks on the Road

Jack Taylor: my latest Netflix recommendation



Iain Glen as Jack Taylor. Photo from thebritishtvplace.com

This was so good! This murder mystery series contains nine, hour-and-a-half episodes. Each one is based on a novel from the Jack Taylor series written by Ken Bruen. Each one stands alone as if it’s a movie, but the main characters mostly remain the same and every story is set in Jack Taylor’s hometown of Galway, Ireland.

It is shockingly violent in places and perhaps would appeal more to the guys than the gals in the crowd as it is a bit on the macho side. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it. I especially like the actor who plays Jack Taylor, Iain Glen. Now ladies, he might be your reason to watch. Those of you who follow Game of Thrones will recognize this Scottish actor. Because the Jack Taylor episodes are shot over several years, Mr. Glen ages noticeably over the course of production but, like fine wine, he also improves with time.

Listen to me read this post:

I appreciated how the TV series capably and gracefully weaves Ireland’s history and folklore into its stories, probably just as Ken Bruen does in his books. Very interesting and I didn’t feel as if the writers were explaining Ireland to me. The historical and cultural details are perfectly and carefully placed to give the stories colour and context. The actors even speak a little Gaelic here and there.

I finished watching this show last week and there’s still a hole in my viewer’s heart that it left and is yet to be filled. Have a suggestion? I’d love to hear it!

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Art rocks on the road.

IMG_6800 (2)

A hand-painted rock from alongside the road I walk.

My creative neighbour paints rocks and leaves them as treasures for people to discover as they walk the road I walk. Today I found a gorgeous rock. I put it in my pocket and brought it home because I didn’t have my camera with me. I took a picture of it to share with you here, and the next time I go for a walk, I’ll place it somewhere else along the road for someone else to find.

Small acts of generosity like this brighten the world and soften its dark edges. Thank you, Heather!

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~ Lori

“How long will it take till you open up your eyes? I’ve been gone for years, you never even realized.” ~ How Long by Blue Rodeo









8 Comments on “Jack Taylor and Rocks on the Road”

  1. Thanks for posting the MeWe link. Funny that even though I’m in the SF Bay area, I’d never heard of them until today. Love the fact they provide an alternative to the data mining Facebook monster. Obviously they would be good for Facebook users. Do you like them better than WordPress?

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    • Hi there! I just found out about MeWe myself from a Twitter friend. The platform seems a bit clunky right now, but I’m very new to it and haven’t spent much time there. Apparently there are many bots. I don’t think it will be an alternative for me to WordPress but instead a SM site that I can use to drive traffic to WP. Thanks for reading and commenting! Join me on MeWe, if you like, and we can figure it out together.


  2. Good to know about Jack Taylor. If you’re a fan of this genre, have you seen “Vera”? Set in Scotland, it’s a great murder mystery series with a woman in charge–Brenda Blethyn. I strongly recommend

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    • I’ll check it out. Thanks Amy! Happy Valley is also good, with a strong female lead. The title is misleading, though. One part is true: it does take place in a valley. Happy Thursday, and thank you for commenting.

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  3. I like this post! I must admit that I don’t respond to all the posts I enjoy but here I am this time!

    This Jack Taylor series sounds like something I would enjoy watching. Where did you find it?

    It has obviously been a while since I have gone walking because so many have commented on Heather’s rocks and I haven’t seen them yet. Isn’t she a gem?

    Just a reminder, this is movie night at the Golden Circle, Bohemian Rhapsody! Start time is 6:30, bring your own drinks and enjoy the free popcorn. Sponsored by HUC. I won’t be there but Sandra was advising on FB that she was going and did anyone want to go with her?

    See you Sunday!


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    • Thanks for letting me know, Myrna! Jack Taylor is horrifically violent in places. I often savoured these episodes from the treadmill where I could look at my moving feet instead of the screen. It’s on Netflix, but I wonder if you could order a DVD set from the library?


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