On the Lake

Today it’s 5 degrees Celsius with a wind that cuts right through you. Last time I drove by the little lake we canoe on, it was still covered with ice. Maybe the ice and snow have receded a bit since from the lake’s grassy banks, but that’s about it.

Listen to me read this post:


Going through digital photos the other day, I was reminded of canoeing. We didn’t get out on the lake at all last year. Sad! The lake from the vantage point of our faded red Coleman canoe is a very interesting place. The are beavers, muskrats, and all kinds of birds including huge pelicans that glide silently right over our heads as we rock quietly in the boat. That’s the thing about a canoe: it’s quiet. The wildlife forgets you’re there, and flies or swims really close.

One time, a really BIG beaver swam close to our boat. Even close-up, he looked not much different than a dog paddling along through the calm evening water. We got within about two metres before the beaver realized we were there. As a warning to us and other beavers, or out of fear, he slapped the surface of the water hard with his broad tail before he dove, leaving little droplets of lake water on the lenses of my glasses. That was awesome!


A muskrat on the lake. This little guy doesn’t even know we’re here or is ignoring us expertly.

Another great thing about the lake which has nothing to do with wildlife or water or canoes is that there’s a concession stand on the other side of the lake where the cabins are and where folks camp, have picnics, host family reunions, and play ball. At that concession stand, they sell the most delicious hamburgers and ice cream in waffle cones. That food booth doesn’t open at least for another month yet.

Today, I miss the lake, but if I went and stood out on that partially-melted ice in this bone-chilling wind, I would die of hypothermia. So I will miss it from inside the house and look forward to the days, not so far away now, when we can join the other creatures on the lake.

If you’d like to share my lake memories to your social media feed, that would be great! Cut and paste this link: https://wordpress.com/post/loriknutson.com/2749 or share it directly to Facebook from this site on WordPress.

What are your favourite summertime activities? I’d love to hear about what you’re looking forward to in the warmer months to come. Thanks for dropping by to spend some time with me on this cold day! ~ Lori


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