Happy Valentine’s Day

Better late than never to deliver these valentines to you. Because of the continuing frigid weather, the school buses didn’t run today. It was a quiet day of marking, prep work, and of getting a couple students caught up on assignments. Still, I’m happy to be home in my warm, little house.


Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal to me. How about you? Is it something you like to celebrate? Or is it a day on which you like to be celebrated? Maybe there’s a special someone you like to celebrate with or maybe you’re just fine on your own.

Whether or not you care about Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a good one wherever you are!

It would be so nice if you’d follow me here on WordPress or follow my blog through your email. It would also be great if you’d share my posts to Facebook. That platform and I currently disagree, but it is one of the best vehicles still for driving traffic my way! Happy weekend! ~ Lori

Van Gogh.jpg

Such a romantic gesture for the art lover and the do-it-yourselfer. (The administrator of this site does not endorse the act implied by this hilarious cartoon.)

Hemingway Valentine.png

Now this is the kind of lovely Valentine’s sentiment I appreciate.

4 Comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Oh that Ernest, What a card! Happy Valentine’s Day, Lori. And to answer your question, Valentine’s is still a day of cards (funny and serious), chocolates, and flowers at our house.

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    • Thanks for telling me about your Valentine’s Day tradition, Amy! It’s nice that you two honour that day. I like the idea of it, I guess, but it never quite comes together and somehow this doesn’t even disappoint me. Happy weekend!


  2. Hi Lori, Thank you for the valentines post! It made me smile!

    I’m missing you on FB but_ suppose it is all or nothing. I sort of thought you would be there for casual conversation if not for your posts. (Why do I get_ those_ italics when I don’t want them??)_

    _I have some sad news for you. Steven Haughland’s wife passed away suddenly yesterday. I have no other details but expect we will hear more later. Would you please let Harold and Jeannette know if they haven’t heard_ already?_ I know they are friends. _

    _Also just checking to see if you are working Friday March 1st? If not we would ask you to take a part in the World’s Day of Prayer service which our church is hosting this year. (When you mentioned in a previous post that the full time was stretching you somewhat I didn’t ask you before but thought now, what the hay? Clear as mud? Sorry.)_

    _Please let me know about March 1st. _

    _Thank you,_


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