Back in the Classroom

Today in class the topic of my age came up as it sometimes does. The students were saying that I am still pretty young.

“Well,” I told them, “I’m not so young anymore,” to which one young man replied, “Nope. You’re not young or old. You’re just mediocre!”

I hope he meant middle-aged. Either way, he’s probably right.

Cute Not Rich

Yesterday, a student was sharpening a pencil endlessly. I told him, “That’s enough. Take it out and check to see if it’s sharp.”

He pulled it out of the electric sharpener. I watched as he peered at the point, looked astonished, flipped the pencil around and looked at the eraseless base.

The student held the pencil as he would a telescope and pointed it in my direction. “There’s no lead in this pencil!” he called out. We all found this extraordinarily amusing. Especially me.

Thanks to those of you who, since my departure from Facebook, have started following me here on WordPress. I sure appreciate it. And, as always, I appreciate the support of all my readers. I left Facebook for a few reasons and soon I’ll tell you all about why I made this choice. If you care to share my post on Facebook, that would be great! It is still one of the best vehicles for getting blog posts noticed and read.


I’m back in the classroom on a temporary, full-time contract. It’s going just fine, but I am challenged and tired! I haven’t had it in me to write much, but I couldn’t resist sharing these couple of recent classroom stories.

Take care, everyone, and if you’re in my neck of the woods or anywhere cold, keep warm!

No Mosquitoes

If you haven’t already, please follow me here on WordPress. That would be so nice.

5 Comments on “Back in the Classroom”

  1. Hey Lori getting back into a classroom full time is tiring for a week or so. Consider it an excellent chance to have your creative writing side incubate some ideas while you educate those youngsters in the classroom. A chance of pace may lead you in new directions.

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  2. Right now, what I suspect is the “like” button isn’t loading, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m glad to see you back blogging, and I am certainly sensitive to what full-time teaching can demand. Interested in why you ditched FB but continue on Twitter. I look forward to having this mystery revealed. Take care.

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    • Hi there, Amy! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, life has been busy. Twitter doesn’t own my content. That’s the main reason. Twitter doesn’t distract me as much and it doesn’t nag me to keep posting. I’m the boss in my relationship with Twitter. I was a content creator for Facebook. Have a great Sunday evening!


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