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She is patient. Image from

Patient and selfless, she’s everything I want to be. I met a lady this summer that made me want to change my life, to slow down, and to focus on what matters. I suppose I met a hero, someone I aspire to be like.

I’ve watched her work. She set up her workspace efficiently and unhurriedly. She didn’t rush and she didn’t panic. I never saw her stressed or annoyed. Even now when someone enters her office, she gets right to work, quickly and without argument and with minimal discussion. She works long hours, too, but you never hear her complain. She accepts what her job demands.

Hear me read this post:

This one understands who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. That being said, she’s not afraid to change and to shed her skin if needed. This gal’s adaptable. She can deal with what life sends her way, and deal with it she does.

Sunset, Anglin Lake, Saskatchewan. Photo credit Dale Clark

She works calmly. Photo by Dale Clark

We’ve all heard it said, “You’ve got to hustle and go after what you want. You’ve got to chase your dream!” I have seen that work for people, and some of them did get what they wanted. They experienced success and reached their goal. Sometimes that works and it’s great when it does.

This, however, is not the strategy used by this exceptional lady. She doesn’t hustle and she doesn’t chase. Still, she gets exactly what she wants without running around. And she’s satisfied working from home. I’d like to work like that, relaxed and yet productive.

Even though she works from home, her professional life doesn’t destroy the peace of her domestic life. She lives simply and quietly. She seems very happy that way.

Peaceful home

She works from her peaceful home. Image from

You might say, “Well, if she’s that happy she must be very self-centered.” You’d think so, but no. This gal’s work provides her a good living, sure, but it’s a very altruistic path she’s on. Most of her work benefits the world. That’s another one of the things I admire about her. She works for herself and she works for others.

Talk about focus! For someone who spends so much time on the web, this lady isn’t distracted by much. Unlike me, she’s not always checking her e-mail or checking her notifications. She uses her technical connections for work, not for entertainment. The web enables her without ever keeping her from work. I wish I could be this disciplined.


She is strong in her solitude. Image from

I don’t think she has many friends, but she doesn’t seem to be lonesome. Sure, she has company over once in a while, but visits are pretty infrequent. Someone this self-sufficient and independent doesn’t need a lot of external support. I envy her confidence and her content solitude.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to meet someone who changes the way we look at our own lives. It was a real pleasure to spend time with her this summer and I’m glad to have had her as an example of how rich and satisfying my own professional and personal life can be if I just follow her lead.

I gratefully acknowledge her willingness to let me share several pictures of her here.

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2 Comments on “More Like Her”

  1. Come clean, Lori–you must have been a big Charlotte’s Web fan. Seriously, though, wise words about patience, tenacity, and something I would call “grace.”


    • Yes, a big Charlotte’s Web fan. It would be okay to live (and work) a little more like her. Thanks for commenting, Amy. Much appreciated!


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