Roger Bray’s Interview With Me

Not so long ago, I met Roger Bray on Twitter. He asked if he could interview me and I said, “Sure!” He’s an Australian author and blogger who writes mystery/crime/thriller novels. He’s written three novels: Psychosis, The Picture, and Blood Ribbon. Bray’s third book, Blood Ribbon, is due for release this month, August, 2018.

You can read Roger’s interview with me here: and visit his site at


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  1. Lori, I left a comment on Roger’s site. In brief, you nailed it about writing not with the goal of becoming a successful author, but because you love to write. No better advice for a writer in this age of radical publishing upheavals.

    Fun interview. And maybe you’ll someday explain your bold statement about not writing any more fiction after your current WIP is done. Fetch me the smelling salts! I can’t imagine life without writing fiction.

    • Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to comment again and again. Writing fiction is hard! I’m not sure I have another novel in me, but I do admire your love of writing fiction!

      • My only “worry” is that I won’t be able to “keep up.” I have 5 novels waiting on the drafting board of ideas at the moment and two I’m writing. Arggh! (But for me, it’s sweet pain.)

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