Summer Lakes – A Photo Blog

Here is a collection of some of my best lake pictures. I have to give credit to my husband’s cousin, Dale, who took these photos of Anglin Lake in northern Saskatchewan:


We’re lucky to have a pretty, little lake nearby. There are pelicans and gulls, beavers and muskrats at Shorncliffe Lake.

Muskrat on Shorncliffe Lake, Alberta

A muskrat on Shorncliffe Lake. These little guys are fairly blind, so if you’re quiet, you can get a pretty close look.

We’re also lucky to store our canoe at our friend’s house right at the lake’s edge because that old canoe is big and heavy! Come along for a very short ride in it right now. It’ll be awesome!


Because my dad lives near  Idaho, we’ve visited the beautiful city of Coeur d’Alene a few times. It’s never disappointing. One time, we even got a complimentary upgrade to a lakeview room at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. Spectacular!


This spring we spent some time in Jasper National Park and had a chance to visit both Lakes Edith and Annette.



And this is Lake Maligne also in Jasper National Park. This was beautiful and desolate. Surrounded by grey rocks and dead coniferous trees, it looked like a scene from a post-apocalyptic film.


Although my dad lives really close to Kootenay Lake, I visited it for the first time just a couple years ago. Astounding! What a huge lake.


Me at Dillberry Lake, Alberta


Closer to home again is Dillberry Lake, near the Saskatchewan border but still in Alberta. Here I am on a hilltop overlooking the lake a few weeks ago.





We’ve visited the wine country of BC’s Okanagan Valley a few times, too. It’s nice to have relatives who live conveniently close to fantastic lakes and great wineries.


I’ll end this summer lake tour with some evening sounds from Shorncliffe Lake. Thanks for dropping by!



2 Comments on “Summer Lakes – A Photo Blog”

  1. As someone who grew up on Lake Michigan (and didn’t fully realize that most people don’t live within walking distance of sizable bodies of water until I went off to college), I loved these photos. Especially the one of bird with wings spread on the water.

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