Summer Gardens – A Photo Blogpost

What a glorious time of year! Over time I’ve gathered some flower and garden pictures from my travels and from right here at home. Even the simplest prairie gardens are enchanted plots teeming with life in this northern place where the growing season is so short.

These first three photos were taken in northern Alberta near where I grew up and during a sunny July day. My friend is a fabulous gardener, and her farm is an excellent place to take photos.

My auntie is also a fantastic gardener, and I often bring my camera out to her place in the summertime.

Some gardens attract my attention when I’m traveling.

Lots of times and if I have my camera with me, I’ll take photos of local flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

But mostly my photo inspiration comes from my own backyard. There are still lots of memories of Grandma here in her garden, and I hope she’d like what I’ve done with the place.


4 Comments on “Summer Gardens – A Photo Blogpost”

  1. Beautiful photos! What’s the blue-flowered plant climbing over the fence? Wish we could sit down for a beer together and talk gardening–and about a zillion other things.

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