There’s Something About the Rain


There’s something about the rain. It’s melancholy and soothing; it’s happy and sad all at the same time, and in the most pleasant way. It’s both romantic and lonely. Sleep comes so easy and deep when the rain falls. My dreams are filled with its soft pitter, patter, and any nightmarish visions are washed away clean before they are allowed to leave a stain.

Neruda Rain Quote


I just came back from a walk in the wind and the rain. When I left the house, I felt weary. As I walked, droplets from the sky watered my soul and the cold wind blew away my thoughts. My mind was clear and my heart was at peace.


The new leaves were heavy with raindrops and so were the lenses of my glasses. It doesn’t matter, though. The world appeared beautiful and clearer from that rain-spattered point of view.

The rain always reminds me of how wonderful it is to walk and to breathe and to simply be.

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