Daylight Saving Time: An Opportunity for Learning


Daylight Saving Time provides me with unique experiences I wouldn’t otherwise have. For example, I get to explore whether or not the Polident tablet I usually drop into my night guard container will fizz in the same way when plopped into my cup of morning coffee. Also – and related – I get to sample just how tasty a mug of Polident-infused water is. Surprisingly refreshing. And my teeth are whiter now than I ever expected.

Listen to me read this classic post: 

Speaking of teeth, eye moisturizer is almost as good as toothpaste, though I do prefer toothpaste’s minty flavour. But perhaps now the look of crow’s feet on my tongue will be visibly diminished, and I know my eyelids are minty fresh.

On most mornings, I fall into a polished routine that barely leaves room for anything new. Not today. Upon preparing my morning smoothie, I tossed the banana into the compost and blended the peel. Now that was a different flavour sensation! White flour is cheaper than vanilla-flavoured whey powder and apparently, nearly as effective.


A bright orange sunrise over my neighbourhood.

Who knew that hairspray and body mist could be so easily interchangeable? When traveling, I’ll never pack both again. I’ll just flip a coin. And the versatility of pants! If there’s no fly, you can wear them either way: seams out or seams in. I tried seams out today and the pants worked really well. Also, they provided a topic of conversation for my colleagues and were a source of amusement for my students. In short, my pants brightened everyone’s day.

In the past, I loathed Daylight Saving Time. I didn’t see the point of disrupting my sleeping and waking schedule, and felt mildly resentful of the whole thing. This morning’s opportunities for growth and learning have changed my mind. There are many lessons to be gleaned from this time-honoured and time-honouring tradition.


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  1. LOL Lori, I see you are not an early morning person either. To riff on Scrooge (regarding Daylight Savings Time rather than Christmas): What a poor excuse to set ahead a woman’s alarm clock every ides of March. This year I played a sort of Devil’s Bargain with old Father Time, setting my alarm clock 45 minutes later, actually rising an hour later, and making it to breakfast some time just shy of 10:00 a.m. by omitting mascara application. It seemed to help.

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