Divested – A Poem

People in my life are going through big changes. All these changes remind me of what’s important. It’s not stuff. This is a poem I wrote called “Divested.”

Listen to me read this poem here:

Icarus Cemetery

Me at the Lakeview Cemetery about to conduct a tour. I like cemeteries. They’re a solid reminder of what matters.


Dig a hole,

Build a house,

Or buy a house.

Big screen TV,

Recreational vehicle,

A boat to tow behind.


New cupboards,

New floors.

Fix up the bathroom,

Replace the light fixtures.

New dishes,

New furniture,


A beautiful, sombre statue in a Savannah, Georgia cemetery.

And carpets to match.

First garage sale,

Then the house sale.

Smaller place:

A condominium,

Or assisted-living.

Another sale,

Adult children post

accumulation on Kijiji.

Cremation or casket?

Dig a hole.


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