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A Beautiful Moment

Some moments separate us from each other and some bring us together. Here’s one that drew me closer to someone who had been a stranger.

There were so many moments of beauty during this latest trip to Mexico. We rode the city bus most days. One time – and I think this is customary – I followed an old man, bent and wrinkled with time, and carrying a cane. As he slowly stepped down from the bus, he glanced behind him. Seeing me, he stopped and extended his hand to me. I grasped it, and our eyes met. “Gracias, senor.” He helped me down from the bus and smiled a mostly-toothless, all-gracious smile. Thank you for that kindness that even right now is making my eyes tear up. Thank you, sir, for that beautiful moment.

Listen to me read this here:


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Moment

  1. alhenry

    Thanks for sharing a lovely, human moment, Lori. I think they tend to occur in places where the pace of life is less frenetic. We had similar experiences in Barbados this last month. For example, after Ed bought some watershoes, the shopkeeper took my hand and said, “I hope it’s not to late to wish you good health for the new year.” I think slower pace = more “chill” = increased human connection.

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