Lori Knutson


Where There's A Will

Book Description

“This is the best news ever!” exclaims thirteen-year-old Charly when she reads the letter left for her by the deceased Katherine O’Leary on the kitchen table of the house on Northumberland Strait. At the end of The Ghost of Northumberland Strait, the ghost had willed the house and all its contents to Charly – contents including the gold coins hidden there. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple.

Will Charly manage to overcome the difficult obstacles that bar her from finally owning what Katherine left to her? Will she and her family ever claim the fortune that lay in the old house – a fortune that could turn their lives around? There’s a lot against Charly and her quest for a home, but there’s also evidence that Katherine is still on her side and still involved in the lives of the living. It seems the long-dead Katherine O’Leary may still hold the key to Charly’s dreams coming true.

When for reasons unexplained a thief’s truck rolls over into a snowy ditch and an unwanted freeloader is chased out of the O’Leary house, it becomes quite clear that Katherine’s ghost may not be visible but is most definitely present. With help from the ghost’s well-intentioned interference and her own courageous tenacity, Charly pursues her goal of making the O’Leary house her own.

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