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Lori Knutson is the author of five books. The first of these, Sacred Simplicities, is a compilation of newspaper articles. The Ghost of Northumberland Strait and its sequel Where There's A Will are young adult novels, the first two in the Charly Pederson series. Her latest novel is the historical murder mystery, Denby Jullsen, Hughenden. More Simplicities, the sequel to Sacred Simplicities is now available.


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Who killed Denby Jullsen?

Denby Jullsen, Hughenden is now available as an ebook through Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Denby Jullsen Cover

This tumultuous story begins with the reported murder of Hughenden resident and eldest Jullsen brother, Denby. His body is found by a hunter off a main road propped up in the backseat of an abandoned vehicle. From there, the story goes back in time to the wedding of the middle bother, Cully Jullsen. The tale unfolds as it follows the Jullsen family through its up and downs including suspected infidelity and murder, jail sentences and drunken antics, family dinners and picnics in the shade. During the novel’s course babies are born and some souls are saved while others are arguably lost. The winding path finally leads back to the death of Denby Jullsen as the reader discovers the answer to the mystery.

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Teacher Resources

Middle school teachers - this is a gold mine! Here you will find two sets of ready-to-print activities created by the author for the novels The Ghost of Northumberland Strait and its sequel Where There's a Will. Included here are reading comprehension and responsive journaling worksheets for every chapter of both books. Also included are vocabulary-building word searches for each chapter. Just print them out and assess your students' reading comprehension and writing skills.

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Here Lori Knutson reads from her novel The Ghost of Northumberland Strait. Share the recording with your class while you're reading the novel. Did you know that your students can write to the author and she will respond to their letters in the form of a video podcast? Engage your students by showing the personalized podcast on your interactive whiteboard. It's an author visit right in your classroom and at your convenience. For this digital visit, the cost for your classroom is only $100.

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Latest Blog Post

Winter is Here

Here in this rural corner of Alberta, we got the first real snow of winter (if you don't count the real snowfall we received in early September!) and the kids at school were thrilled! The snow brought to them nothing but pure joy. Even frozen fingers and tingling cheeks were things of fascination.

We adults seemed to feel differently. Another winter with treacherous road conditions that cause driving becomes riskier than playing slot machines, achy joints, winter colds and winter weight. Can't you almost hear the collective sigh?

Then something changed my perspective. Watching the children tracking merrily through the snow on the playground, I realized, "For these kids, this is only the fourth, fifth or sixth onset of winter that they can recall." For them, winter is brand-spanking new, this miraculous, abrupt change in the seasons. They still see it for what it is: special. Just like that, my heart lifted a little.

On the drive home, the feeling lasted. It may've even expanded a little. The low drear that held itself suspended over the dormant earth didn’t seem like a menace. Instead, it felt like a friend beckoning me to relax, let go and ease into the stillness winter can bring. I wanted the gauzy grey sky to wrap itself around me and hold me sleepily until the spring. In the most comfortable way, I envied the tiny creatures that slumber in dens below the earth, or in dams beneath the thinly frozen surface of prairie ponds.

This is what winter can be. It can be a time for comfort, ease and reflection, a welcome friend and not a dreaded guest who stays too long. It all has to do with how I choose to see it and what I choose to do with it.

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Where There's
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Where There's A Will Cover
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The Ghost of Northumberland Strait

The Ghost of Northumberland Strait Cover
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